Our Committment

WhiteWater (WW) is committed to the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of our infrastructure assets. We take our ownership responsibilities seriously and understand the dangers associated with transportation and processing of natural gas, crude oil and NGL’s. Our team has longstanding experience with similar assets and are committed to optimizing the value of the commodities we control, keeping our neighbors safe and minimizing our overall environmental impact.

WW is committed to meeting industry guidelines and regulations, as directed by the Department of Transportation and state level regulatory agencies. For information regarding the design requirements for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines, please consult the Department of Transportation’s expectations at For information regarding the ongoing operations and maintenance of Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines, please consult the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration at

The majority of the 2.4 million miles of energy related pipelines within the United States are buried, creating an opportunity for excavation related damage. While all buried pipeline easements should be clearly marked with yellow pipeline markers, these markers do not provide adequate detail for excavation. WW has registered its pipeline assets with the Texas 811 one-call and damage prevention organization and commits to providing accurate support and information to 3rd party excavators to minimize pipeline damage and risk to excavators.

Call before you dig – do your part to prevent pipeline damage

Before you break ground on your next excavation project, regardless of scale, utilize the free service offered by Texas 811 by dialing 811 or accessing the Texas 811 website at to request that all underground utilities be located and marked.

In case of Emergency please dial 911 for all other issues or concerns please call our 24 hour phone number at (866) 277-1250