Executive Statement

WhiteWater is an independent energy infrastructure company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Since its inception in 2016, the company has maintained an unwavering commitment to sustainability across all aspects of the business. It is our priority to operate in an ethical, safe, and environmentally conscious manner for the benefit of our employees, our local communities, our partners, and our customers.

As we build and maintain critical energy infrastructure for the world, we maintain a heightened awareness of the responsibility that comes with that role. Our Board perpetuates a company culture that promotes an action-oriented approach in conducting fair and transparent business, being good stewards of the environment, supporting our employees and being good neighbors in the communities in which we operate.

Understanding and mitigating risks are key to our future business success. WhiteWater remains vigilant to evolving corporate and enterprise risks, changing environmental regulations and reporting, and to the increasing demand for stakeholder engagement. Our approach to risk management consists of a clear, intentional analysis at every stage of our projects to identify, assess, monitor and manage risks across our portfolio of assets.

As WhiteWater continues to raise the bar internally, we also uphold the same high standards for operational excellence with our contractors and vendors. We invest heavily in integrity management, maintenance, and environmental programs to protect our assets, our employees, the public, and the environment. Health and safety are a top priority. WhiteWater has maintained a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) in the first quartile of the industry average, which supports our efforts to be a best-in-class operator. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) team assists the Board with matters related to EHS risks and implementing best practices, while continually upholding a strong adherence to compliance.

When developing energy infrastructure assets, WhiteWater identifies and engages with key project stakeholders to serve communities, landowners, and businesses that we may have an impact on. It is our responsibility to facilitate open communication, accessibility, and good relationships with our stakeholders while developing our assets and placing them into operation. Beyond meeting our high EHS standards during construction and operation activities, our Board, our Business Development team, and our Sustainability manager provide oversight of assessing corporate and enterprise risk for current and new business opportunities.

WhiteWater continues to meet the challenge of keeping up with a rapid pace of change in the energy sector, and the demand to maintain our role as a top-class operator. Our infrastructure projects are designed to minimize risks to biodiversity, habitats, archeological sites, and mitigate potential impacts from climate change. We also have strong governance in place to monitor lobbying activities and potential conflicts of interest.

We continue to closely follow the evolution of sustainable energy practices, which call for an alignment of our operations to the latest best practices and technologies to reduce fugitive greenhouse gases and operate in an efficient and safe manner. It is our goal to ensure that WhiteWater is leading the charge and setting the bar ever higher to improve the impact our industry has on the world.


Christer Rundlof
Chief Executive Officer

Our Environmental Commitment

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of all that we do. WhiteWater is committed to mitigating environmental risk at every stage of our business, promoting biodiversity, restoring habitats, and being good stewards of our environment.

At the beginning of every project, a detailed permitting process and thorough review is undertaken to ensure our proposed routes minimize risk to the environment – this includes avoiding environmentally sensitive or archeological sites whenever possible, minimizing the number of water crossings and minimizing risk to bodies of water, ecological considerations, and various wildlife protection plans with special accommodations for endangered plants and animals determined by independent environmental experts.

Energy infrastructure projects and operations are subject to extensive regulatory oversight at the local, state and federal levels. Whitewater maintains compliance with all regulatory agencies such as the Texas Rail Road Commission, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Once a project is complete, WhiteWater upholds the highest standards for restoring local habitats, biodiversity and maintaining rights-of-way for our in-service operations.

Focus on Community

WhiteWater seeks to be a force for good in the communities where we live and operate through both regular volunteer events, annual charitable giving, and local community engagement.

Prior to the start of every project, a host of community engagement and outreach initiatives are coordinated to establish regular communication with affected landowners and relevant stakeholders throughout the construction process. WhiteWater works to maintain timely, transparent and detailed communication with relevant stakeholders, and it is our ultimate goal to conduct our business in a manner that values and respects the interests of those involved and impacted by our projects. Once in-service, we diligently maintain rights-of-way both for the safety of our operations and communities.

Workforce Development

As an equal opportunity employer, WhiteWater aspires to be a leader in hiring and retaining people who have a diversity of talents, ideas, and experience as we continue to grow. The company is deeply committed to creating a company culture that reflects our values supporting the diversity of thought, different backgrounds, and all sorts of lived life experiences to make for a robust and thriving workforce. We believe this encourages more meaningful engagement among our employees, fosters innovation and makes us a stronger company. The corporate culture perpetuated by our company’s founders is deeply rooted in mutual respect, fair treatment, and the common goal of attaining success for the benefit of our employees, investors, partners, and customers. It is our intention that every WhiteWater employee feels heard, respected, and is given a fair opportunity to succeed.

Fostering Strong Corporate Governance

Fostering a culture of accountability and integrity at all levels of our organization is critical to conducting secure, reliable and ethical business. The ability to conduct safe and secure business is paramount. Therefore, WhiteWater continues to invest in technologies that provide additional layers of protection to our physical and digital assets while protecting our operations from outside threats. In addition to overseeing responsible governance across our operated assets, comprehensive financial controls and upholding high ethical standards, all Board members and company leaders receive regular updates on our sustainability initiatives which support our investor interests.

Industry Associations

WhiteWater is proud to be a member of several industry organizations that promote coordination and collaboration amongst our peers on issues that range from operational best practices to environmental goals and climate initiatives. Through these partnerships we share knowledge of new technologies, evolving best work practices, national and state-level community initiatives, and we help to drive innovative solutions to build for a lower carbon energy future.