WhiteWater I

Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is a Joint Venture with WhiteWater and MPLX. Delaware Basin intrastate natural gas pipeline servicing portions of Culberson, Loving, Pecos, Reeves, Ward and Winkler counties. The system consists of ~200+ miles of large diameter pipelines with a system capacity of ~3.0 bcf/d. Pipeline has multiple deliveries in Waha. For inquiries regarding pipeline services and subscriptions, contact

Agua Blanca is financed by First Infrastructure Capital.

Waha Gas Storage

WhiteWater’s Waha Gas Storage facilities are underground salt caverns located in Pecos County, Texas, immediately adjacent to the Agua Blanca header system. The Waha Gas Storage facilities will be connected to Agua Blanca’s Waha header system and natural gas may be physically received from or delivered to the interconnecting facilities on the header. With six existing caverns and five additional permitted caverns, the facilities can provide approximately 10 Bcf of storage capacity once fully developed.

Carlsbad Gateway Pipeline

Carlsbad Gateway Pipeline is owned by a joint venture between WhiteWater and MPLX. The 24-inch pipeline was acquired in 2021 and originates in Eddy County, New Mexico, near multiple gas processing facilities, and extends 24 miles south into Culberson County, Texas, where it interconnects with Agua Blanca Pipeline. The interstate Carlsbad Gateway Pipeline as a system capacity up to 400,000 MMSCF/Day.

WhiteWater II

Whistler Pipeline

Whistler is a Joint Venture with WhiteWater, MPLX, WTG and Stonepeak. Whistler pipeline is an approximately 450-mile, 42-inch intrastate pipeline (Whistler Mainline) designed to transport natural gas from an interconnect with the Waha Header near Coyanosa, TX in the Permian Basin to a terminus near Agua Dulce, TX, providing direct access to South Texas markets and consumers. An approximate 80 mile 36-inch lateral provides connectivity for gas processors in the Midland Basin. For inquiries regarding pipeline services and subscriptions, contact

WhiteWater III

Marketing and Logistics

WWM Logistics, LLC (“WWML”) is an affiliated wholesale physical natural gas marketer, with operations in multiple Texas natural gas markets. As an active merchant and shipper on several pipeline systems, including the Whitewater-operated Agua Blanca and Whistler pipeline, WWML seeks to provide efficient access to market liquidity for upstream and midstream natural gas participants as well as downstream end users.

WhiteWater IV

BANGL Pipeline

BANGL is a joint venture between White Water, MPLX, WTG, and Rattler. The natural gas liquids pipeline system connects the Delaware and Midland basins of Texas to the fractionation market in Sweeny, Texas and has expansion capacity of up to 300,000 barrels per day.

WhiteWater V

Matterhorn Express Pipeline

Matterhorn Express is a Joint Venture with WhiteWater, EnLink Midstream, Devon Energy, and MPLX. Matterhorn Express is an approximately 490-mile, 42-inch intrastate pipeline designed to transport up to 2.5 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas from the Permian Basin, to the Katy area near Houston, Texas. An approximate 80 lateral provides connectivity for gas processors in the Midland Basin. For inquiries regarding pipeline services and subscriptions, contact